‘Gaudete’ (“Rejoice!”)

No hymn requests, so I had to find a hymn on YouTube and this is the first one that came up–Gaudete: “Rejoice! Christ is born of Virgin Mary.”

And really–if that doesn’t happen, we haven’t got a prayer.

3 comments on “‘Gaudete’ (“Rejoice!”)

  1. On the flip side, I’ve been mentally humming “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord” half the morning. May we hear that, too? The Crucifixion also seemed like a defeat, after all.

    By the way, as I typed the name of the hymn, I accidentally typed “When I [note: not “They” but “I”] Crucified My Lord.” I guess a reminder is necessary now and then that MY sins nailed Him to the Cross. Mine. But He loves me anyway and accepted the scourging and the thorns and the nails and the agony for me. For me. Praise the Lord!

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