‘Has She Got the Wrong Number!’ (2016)

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“What??? Ya mean I wasn’t one of Marie Antoinette’s ladies’ maids?”

I’ll type as fast as I can, trying to get this posted before I slip out of the Internet again.

What could be more ridiculous than trying to pass off “past lives regression” as some kind of “science” with “board-certified” practitioners?

Has She Got the Wrong Number!

Maybe that should be “bored-certified.”

5 comments on “‘Has She Got the Wrong Number!’ (2016)

  1. Take away worship of the True God, and you end up with anarchy, including serious belief in things that would have seemed ridiculous in the past.

    1. Belief in past lives is common in pagandom. As you’ve mentioned, people who claim to have had past lives usually claim to have been Cleopatra, or some other important historic figure. How can that be?

    2. Exactly. If more than one person at a time claims to be the reincarnation of Cleopatra, then obviously someone has to be lying. Believers in reincarnation who, do not believe in a Supreme Being lack any mechanism for reincarnation to take place or for justice to be meted out, assigning a bad person to life as a lower form of life, next time around. If there was such a thing as reincarnation, that would require direct intervention from a superior life whom was timeless and could adjudicate matters.

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