‘Ending Free Speech’

Legal scholar Neil Richards on the First Amendment in the digital age.

This is a long essay by Kenin Spivak, but I post it here because it’s well worth reading and critically important.

Ending Free Speech

Currently, “the Biden Administration is asking whether we should have a First Amendment.” I mean, heck, it’s only the foundation of our free republic: that’s why they made it No. 1. Free speech, freedom of religion, our right to petition government for redress of grievances–if we don’t have this, we don’t have the United States of America.

But the government is fighting tooth and nail–and so far, thank Heaven, losing–against a federal judge’s ruling, in Missouri v. Biden, that bars government agencies and officials from censoring free speech on the Internet.

Without our First Amendment guarantees, our republic and our freedom are dead.

It will seem obvious to most of us that this administration has done everything in its power to restrict our free speech rights–at least, when those rights are exercised by anyone who disagrees with its policies.

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3 comments on “‘Ending Free Speech’

  1. If this is not stopped, it is the death of freedom in the USA. There are many possible scenario’s that could take place if this is not stopped. But one thing is for certain, great oppression will be upon all who are moral/Christian. One scenario, all who have voiced an opposing opinion to friends, or online contrary to the official narrative such as Lee, all those in alternative health methods, opposed to injections, and every other voice contrary to the official narrative will be rounded up, one by one and jailed. The raids would be done in secret, swiftly, no news coverage, and probably well-coordinated by the military. Or there might be much news coverage of the raids, to instill fear in those who oppose the evil. At that point, taking up arms will probably be the only option if God does not choose to interfere or meddle with this evil. This might be punishment or judgment from the Lord.

    How many will be on our side if it goes down this way? I think a fair representation of how many will be with the good guys, consider how many stood against the lockdowns, jab, and muzzle mandates. Of course, God would still be with us, but I would much prefer, not to spend the rest of my time on earth as a slave or in prison.

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