Poll: Is ‘Misgendering’ a Crime?

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(Sorry! I needed a laugh.)

Here’s another one of those nooze stories you instinctively distrust.

According to a poll taken by some outfit that I never heard of, Redfield & Wilson Strategies, and “reported” by Newsweek (that’s where the distrust comes in), almost half (44%) of “Millenials” (ages 25-34: they keep on getting older) believe “misgendering” should be a criminal offense punishable by jail time (https://dailycaller.com/2023/07/17/half-millennials-misgendering-illegal-poll/).

And we are told that 19% of all Americans agree, with 65% opposed.

“What’re you in for, man?”

“Armed robbery, bro. Shot the checkout clerk.”

“How about you.”

“Oh… I misgendered someone.” [Hardened criminals gasp and flinch, horrified by the magnitude of the offense.]

Almost forgot! In the same poll, some 250 celebrities (!) agreed that saying the wrong thing should certainly be subject to censorship. Well, hell’s bells, who can argue with celebrities? It’d be like arguing with office furniture.

We do wonder where they took this poll. College faculty lounges? That’s my guess.

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  1. When I was growing up any guy that that wasn’t macho was called a girl to snap them out of it. In the older military movies, the biggest insult to the troops was calling them a bunch of women. If some transitioning male legally changes their name to Emma, I will call him Emma – big deal. So, I am supposed to go to jail because I don’t call someone “they?”

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