My Newswithviews Column, July 20 (‘Millenials: ‘Misgendering’ Is a Crime’)

He says he’s a frog. Does that mean we have to “affirm” his delusion–or else?

The Biden Administration is fighting a court case to keep its “right” to lean on Internet providers and get them to censor anyone who’s not aboard their bandwagon. They actually think that’s a good thing. Well, good for them, at least.

Millenials: ‘Misgendering’ Is a Crime

In my own lifetime our country has never been closer to losing its freedom–losing its very form, as Democrats and the rest of Far Left Crazy warp and twist it out of shape.

May God utterly confound their every intention.

And we need to work harder for that!

5 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, July 20 (‘Millenials: ‘Misgendering’ Is a Crime’)

  1. So many are living in a dreamworld. But its an insane world, where good is bad, evil is wholesome, up is down, no one can define what a woman is, men can give birth and breastfeed their babies. And most of this happened within the last few years, the damn burst and its contents are still spilling out, in an ever increasing deluge.

    It seems the pit of hell has been opened, and every vile thing has escaped and is rapidly taking root, growing and producing horrid fruit.

  2. As a woman friend of mine likes to say, “They are either going to kill us or we are going to kill them.” King Geoge III could only push the British colonists so far.

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