Welsh Hymn, ‘Calon Lan’

This hymn kept coming to mind last night, so I thought I’d better post it–spiritual balm for a wounded spirit.

Calon Lan (“A Pure Heart”) in Welsh, at Mynyddbach Chapel, solo by Bryn Terfel, chorus by the Dunvant Male Choir.

6 comments on “Welsh Hymn, ‘Calon Lan’

  1. All those older white guys singing, is that even legal? – The PC Crowd –

    I have never heard that hymn before, but there are probably 20,000 others I could say that about. I liked it.

    But it really does concern me, where are the young men? The ones to carry on after those old men pass away? I could be wrong, but it looked like there was not one man younger than 65 years of age. Of course, these men might all be professors, which would explain the reason. Any ideas?

    1. Never fear. Here’s a nice rendition by some massed Welsh choirs, with plenty of young people — and with English subtitles to boot.

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