My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 3 (‘Survey Results “Shock” the State of Oregon’)

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“Somebody help! She read the survey results!”

How can it be? How can anyone NOT be totally enamored of all things gender-fluid? It can only be because they’re fascists!

Survey Results ‘Shock’ The State Of Oregon

Survey doofuses at Oregon State University are wetting their diapers over results of a survey of engineering and computer science students. Out of 349 kids surveyed, 50 returned “mocking responses.”

And that’s just the 50 students who had the guts to tell the surveyors where to get off. Who knows how many felt the same but didn’t think it worthwhile to say so?

It’d be funny if “college” wasn’t as successful as they thought at churning out brainless Far Left zombies.

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  1. I read some of the responses. Very funny, and would have given me hope if so many other students hadn’t taken the questions seriously.

  2. The Internet the Left has used to gaslight the young and old alike is now the source for a Christian worldview. As a result, alternate institutions are being built, or as in the case of Twitter are being taken over.

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