Kerry Thinks the World Has Too Much Food

What’s so funny, John? You’d be funny if you weren’t so horrible.

What do we have to do to get this jidrool out of government?

John Kerry’s latest flight of fancy, delivered to the latest globalist “Climate Summit,” a conference on how to make life worse, is a suggestion to cut back on agriculture–’cause producing food, you see, accounts for some 30% of greenhouse gases and “we’ll never get to net-zero”unless we cut back on food production ( Gotta do it To Save The Planet!

Hello! Knock-knock! Hey, doofus–remember “world hunger”? Did that somehow go away? Like, when we weren’t looking?

Cackling Kamala Harris also gave a little pep talk–about the need to “reduce population.” Well, take away the food and the other should be easy.

Just leave enough of us alive to be your slaves.

If you ever voted for either of these two idiots, shame on you. Repent! And don’t do it again.


5 comments on “Kerry Thinks the World Has Too Much Food

  1. A lot of people are waking up now, but there is continued, intentional damage globally to agriculture and food supply chains. Hungry people can easily be made compliant and starving people can’t fight back. Remember that our response to every situation should be to turn to God!

  2. Yeh, John (Heinz) Kerry is the last person, or one of the last, to listen to. I say, let him eat
    ketchup, no meat, just ketchup.

  3. There are no words to describe how insane/evil he is. And those who vote for him and all his ilk, must be just as deranged.

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