Kemistry It ‘Is’ Racist!!!! ((And ‘So’ Is Wauter!!!)’

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I awlyaws Knew that Kemistry iit “is” Racist!!! And now we All “know” its Trooue becose a prefesser at Yunavarsity of Ill. he says So!!!!!

How can enny boddy studdy Scyints whith-out studdying Cryptical Race Theery!!! The hole idear it “Is” Prepoceros!!!!!!

Taik “the” kemistry Of wauter, For instints! Waht cood be moar Racist “thabn” wauter??? They cawl it “HO2” witch is jist Coad “foar wyte soupremassy!”!” Heer “at” the Stoodint Soviet,, We Dee-mannd that thay doughnt “Teech that” no moar!!!!! Not unlest thay Chainge Kemistry to refract insippient Racism!!!! And that gose “foar” Fyzzicks and Buyolorgy and awl themb Other scyinces Tooo!!

Awl wauter It Is Diffrint!! Thare is wimmins Wauter and Peeple Of Cullor wauter and then thare Is aslo “wyte wauter” and Thats “whye” Racists thay like wyte wauter Raffting!!!! I tryed “that” oncet and i Allmoast drownded!!!!!!

We Dee-mannd seppret drinking fowntins Foar “evvry Mynaritty!!!!  And aslo seppret Sincks “and” Toylets!!!! Our deer Fimbo Yunavursitty must “take The leed” in fiting Racist Kemistry!!!!!!!

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  1. Yes, yes, separate drinking fountains and toilets for white and black — what a brilliant way to beat racism! Why has no one thought of this before? Joe, you are a genius. (And don’t forget separate eating places and theater sections as well. And seats on public transportation.)

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