Joe Collidge Is… Pregnant?

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(And you thought it was a beer belly!)

O waht grate news!! Wahoo!!! The AM.A thay has figgred Out “haow to” get Trans Wimmins who Used “to” Be Men, haow to Get us Pregganint!!!!!!!!!!

It whil ownly Cost 300$Thowzind each,, “and” thay whil Trans Plannt a Yuteriss into yore gutz and Thare yiu go,,, yiu Can “be” Pregganint jist lyke a regglur wimmin ((OOps! i dint meen it!! Thare “Is” NO SUTCH THING as a Regglur Wimmin, we “Are” awl wahttevver )we Identrify As!!!!!

Iff yiu “get one(1)” Of themb yutarisses Trans Plant, heer it Is “The” Besst Thing abuot It—Yiu duzznt has “to” pay! The Guvvermint thay wil pay!!! Awl the munny it whil com fromb Tackses, witch “is” the “saim” as getting It For Free!!!!! How grate Is that?!?!?

Re-memmber, Sciyints It “is” awlyaws Rite and thare is lotza Sciyintists in the AM,A and sumb Of themb thay been to Meddackle Skool!!!!!

[Editor’s Note: You could look it up.]

9 comments on “Joe Collidge Is… Pregnant?

  1. The quacks who’ll be getting rich doing these “transplants” either don’t know how a uterus works or hope no one else does. (Hint: A uterus isn’t a storage bin; it’s a highly sophisticated life-support system that works in conjunction with the mother’s equally sophisticated biological system.) In fact, any “doctor” who performs any of these gender-bending procedures shouldn’t be trusted to treat so much as a hangnail.

  2. What a ridiculous practice. Mankind is pushing the boundaries, and breaking the rules of nature will not prove to be beneficial.

  3. I thought Collige Joe couldn’t get any crazier, but I was wrong. Maybe he could marry himself, adopt a new-born baby, and have his brain manipulated with chemicals so he can lactate.

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