Teen Girl Socks It to School Board

(I don’t know how long this video will remain available on YouTube, so I suggest watching it now.)

The woke school board, bunch of white leftids, couldn’t take the heat from this 14-year-old homeschooled girl… so they got up and left. She flayed them for their push for transgender and their packing school libraries with pornographic trash. No, precious, they didn’t  like that, not one little bit! So they fled the room.

Really, people has it come to this? Are we so tame, so buffaloed, so beaten down by “the authorities” that we need a child to lead us? We thank God that she spoke: but she should not had to speak alone.

The only thing that will heal the public schools is to pull out enough children to cause the system to collapse. Then we can see about replacing it… although I can’t see that as a good idea. Public education has had its day, and that day is long over.

5 comments on “Teen Girl Socks It to School Board

  1. Some brave men there, who couldn’t bear the weight of the words of a child telling the truth. She made absolute fools of the men who walked out.

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