Oxford Prof Lauds ‘Depopulation’

Why holding your breath might actually be a good idea | Christian Thomson

Don’t exhale! It’s CO2!

They want to kill us off, do they? Leave just enough of us to serve The Elites as slaves.

It’s hard to avoid such thoughts, when you’ve got the mask of sanity slipping off the parasites at the World Economic Forum. They’ve got this professor at Oxford, on the WEF’s Global Council on Aging Societies, saying “depopulation” would be “good for the planet” (https://www.dailyfetched.com/wef-adviser-population-collapse-is-good-for-the-planet/).

There’s no one as anti-human as a humanist.

“Declining fertility,” she asserts, means no more “overconsumption.” Stop the breathing and you stop the CO2.

To which the golem John Kerry says, “Ditto!”

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  1. Of course, doing away with CO2 emissions would effectively kill off most of the vegetation, which needs CO2 to survive. And animal species depend on the vegetation, whether they eat it themselves or eat the other animals that eat the vegetation. So exactly what would we be saving the planet for? — rocks?

  2. As Fall is on the oncoming Calendar, the CDC, Fauci, and usual suspects are revving up the fear factor of the next variant of Covid-19. I am seeing more and more people wearing cloth masks again – don’t they know how unhealthy they are? But, but, but the professional medical experts say they protect against the flu.

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