What’s This Load of ****, Now?

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You’d swear they were actively trying to erase our species.

So here’s a new one: no more breast-feeding, because somehow that’s hateful or bad or something; from now on, we are to say “chestfeeding.” Because that’s inclusive. We wouldn’t want anyone thinking there are men and there are women. But everybody has a chest! (C.S. Lewis was wrong about that.)

We are expected to keep up. Every crumb of idiocy that falls from the academic table, we are expected to swallow down before it hits the floor.

Something about women seems to rub them the wrong way. Did they hate their mothers? They want to replace women with surgically mutilated men who say they’re women.

And replace the human race with… what? Artificial Intelligence?

It’s all so hard to believe; but the hardest thing to believe in is their sincerity.

It’s garbage, top to bottom.

6 comments on “What’s This Load of ****, Now?

  1. This idea of “chest-feeding” in order to include trans-women offendsme, a nursing mother from many years ago. I prefer the term “nursing “ instead of breastfeeding because a lot more goes on in the whole mother-child interaction of nursing. God made women, real women, with a nurturing manner that’s needed during the nursing experience. Besides providing nutrition through mother’s milk, a nursing child will often come to Mom for a comforting suckle when they’re afraid or hurt. Men can be nurturing but it’s women who really have the knack. Lots of women of today, though, tend to minimize the precious nursing time and equate it with simply feeding the baby. And that’s sad. Some women are afraid that if they give their children more than “twenty minutes on one side; fifteen on the other” that they will “spoil” their child. But I’m ranting here! Sorry. The militant nursing mommy here is making an appearance.

  2. The Bible says God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that he will reap. Joe Biden has much to reap for his evil acts. May he repent and be saved before he dies. Better yet, may he be saved today!

    1. I don’t think for one minute that these jidrools believe their own words. Frankly I don’t understand the motivation for this. It’s too perverse to understand.

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