We Has Got ‘To’ Bild “a’ Peeramid!!!

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Heer at Collidge “it Is” amlost tyme To Go “back to” Classes–butt frist We “Are” goingto billd A Peeramid!! Jist like thay hadded in ware-ever it was (Arabia? Canada? So harrd to keeep track)!!!!

This heer Peeramid it whil Be “the” oppazzit of the Wyte Souprembacie Peeramid that yiu heer So mutch abuout!!!! It whil Be caulled The Dyvercity Equitty Peeramid “and” no-boddy whil Be aloud to Not Work on it!!!!! It whil Stannd Fourevver as a Simble of sumb-thing Reel Impotant, alltho i fergetted waht It “is!”!”

We starrtid To “billd” it whith Rocks butt we runned Out “of” Rocks reel fasst and ennyway Rocks thay “Are” awrffle hevvy!!!! Aslo we awl Got kynd “of” Giddy oncet it “was” two (<2>) or Threee (<<3@> feeet hi!!!! But Then suddinlie sumb-boddy thay Got “a” Fanntastick idear!!! and we maid A Lott “of” progriss!!! This heer is waht It loooks lyke So Far–

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Yes!! Wye waist Prefeckly good Garbidge by throing It awhay, wen yiu Can “put it” In “bags” and pyle it Up??? As sumb-boddy,, i Thinck it was the Deen Of Introsexional Wimmins Sprittuallity Studdies,, she said If thair’s One “thing we has got plennty Of,, its Garbidge!””!!”

Waht Pryde!!! Waht Grate-niss!!! And “we can” jist Keeep On Bill-ding “it” foar “as Lawng” and as Hi as we whant!!!!! Collidge it whil Nevver “run Out “of” Garbidge!!!!!!!!!!

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