Having Four Legs Won’t Help You Here

This day has been just awful–and horribly hot, too. Maybe some icy video will help restore my sanity.

Here we have dogs and cats taking on icy surfaces and not faring any better than us humans. Probably you need six legs; but ice and insects don’t mix well.

3 comments on “Having Four Legs Won’t Help You Here

  1. With four legs you are much closer to the ground when you fall. And without legs, like a snake, you never fall. So, today’s lesson, learn how to crawl if you never want to fall.

    1. Ha, ha, ha… Yeah, it has that “tone” same kind of feeling, the same vibe… I am sorry, I didn’t mean it, its not my fault, it just came out that way.

      One time I had another idea like that, and it became a 400 page book … well now, lets see what I can do with that idea …

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