‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

No hymn requests this morning. No refrigerator, either. I think the best I can do is just post whatever hymn I think of first: and that would be this one, Sweet Hour of Prayer, sung by Alan Jackson.

9 comments on “‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

  1. Can you get an insulated tub or tote and a sack of ice from a local grocery, just to tide you over with necessities (such as opened cans of cat food)?

    I’d like to request a reprise of “Too Close to the Mirror.”

    1. All we’ve got is a cooler and a bag of ice.
      I’m running so late today–I have to do all the driving for all the errands.
      If I can possibly catch up, I’ll be glad to post the hymn. Otherwise, I’ll save it for tomorrow first thing.

    2. Tomorrow will be fine. I’m kind of playing catch-up myself these days. There always seems to be at least one thing left over at the end of the day that should have been done yesterday but has to be taken care of tomorrow. 🙄

  2. Thank you for this song- it is one of my favorites. Love it.
    My computer has been on the fritz so far today. So, what else is new- problems everywhere.

    1. Has your computer got something contagious? Mine went crazy for 20 minutes after I clicked on your comment to read it.
      Don’t feel guilty: Youtube wasn’t working, either.

  3. I have no idea what is wrong with this computer, but I suspect it has something to dod with Mcafee “protection ” service. Their ad always shows up and is very intrusive. Havent been able to figure out how to get rid of it.

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