‘Jesus Saves’ (Plus Prayer Request)

We have fallen into one of those bad patches that life throws at you because it can: car in the shop, undergoing repairs that’ll cost us but good, cat needing another trip to the vet, and now the refrigerator suddenly giving up the ghost in the middle of a heat wave.

Please include us in your prayers!

Hymn today, Jesus Saves–sung at Synod 2012 of the United Reformed Church. That’s the Hudson River in the background.

7 comments on “‘Jesus Saves’ (Plus Prayer Request)

  1. Oh, no, not the refrigerator! And do let us know how Robbie is doing. I always keep her in my prayers along with you and Patty.

    1. We’ve just gone out and bought a new refrigerator, delivery and installation on Friday. You should see Patty manage this stuff–wasted in civilian life.

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