Bonus Hymn, ‘Jesus Saves’

I’m feeling all worn out today, like somebody erased half of me when I wasn’t looking; and I felt a need for this particular hymn, right now–Jesus Saves. Sung at the 2012 Synold of the United Reformed Church of North America, held at Nyack College, NY. That’s the Hudson River up there; you get a very nice view from Nyack.

‘Jesus Saves’

I loved this hymn years before I could find out what it was called: Jesus Saves (also called We Have Heard the Joyful Sound). Sung here at the United Reformed Church Synod 2012 at Nyack College, New York. Those are the tree-clad banks of the Hudson River–God’s stuff, the beautiful work of His hands.

Sing It Again: ‘Jesus Saves’

I know I repeat myself a lot when I choose hymns to post, but I can’t help it–Jesus Saves is one of my favorites. Sung here by the attendees at Synod 2012 of the United Reformed Church in North America, held at Nyack, NY. I think that’s the Hudson River in the picture.

We take hymn requests every day; so if you want to help me out, and share a favorite hymn of yours, just leave a comment anywhere and we’ll do the rest.

‘Jesus Saves’

I first heard this hymn played as background music to a Civil War re-enactment, and I remembered it. The second time was at my father’s burial service, on the bells of a nearby church. It was one of my favorites before I ever knew its name–Jesus Saves.

Here performed by the kids from Fountainview Academy during their tour of Rome.

‘Jesus Saves’ (Fountainview Academy)

I loved this hymn for years, without knowing any of its lyrics, or its name. Church bells played it now and then; that’s how I heard it. Used to be you could hear all the church bells in this town. Now you can’t: too much traffic, too many people with leaf-blowers.

So here it is: Jesus Saves, performed by the kids of Fountainview Academy during their visit to Rome.

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Bonus Hymn, ‘Jesus Saves’

I love this hymn, and right around here, right about now, there’s a whole lot of saving needed. Feels like the rowboat’s filling up with water. Save us, O Lord.

This is by the kids from Fountainview Academy, visiting Prague on their European tour.

By Request, ‘Jesus Saves’

I always love it when a reader requests one of my favorite hymns: gives me a warrant to post it again! Tammy has just joined us from Trinidad, and has requested this: Jesus Saves. I chose this lively rendition by the congregation at Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee. If the music minister gets any more into it, he’ll fall off the podium. But that won’t stop him singing.