Hooray, We’re Not Confused Anymore!

The Pushmi-Pullyu Struggle - Sue Rosen

Remember Dr. Doolittle, and the Pushmi-Pullyu–that two-headed animal that always tried to go north and south at the same time?

Well, we thought that was impossible, didn’t we? But someone at the Make a Wish Foundation must’ve made a big, tall, wish–because the Pushmi-Pullyu has had a son, and Make a Wish has got him!

The creature’s name is Yadoo-Yadont, named for Make a Wish’s policy of granting and not granting wishes to terminally ill children who have not been vaccinated for COVID 19. You do have to be vaccinated to receive a wish, but also you don’t! You do have a choice, but you don’t! What could be clearer than that?

Now we understand their position perfectly: you do and you don’t. Yadoo-Yadont, the son of Pushmi-Pullyu. Mind you, someone’s gonna get a Nobel Prize for this. I nominate whoever thought of this and didn’t think of it at the same time.

7 comments on “Hooray, We’re Not Confused Anymore!

  1. I wish they wouldn’t try to confuse old granny like this. I have enough problems without them.

  2. This matter isn’t funny. It isn’t even ridiculous ~ it is tragic. We know that the “Make a Wish” folks are goodhearted and mean well, otherwise they’d be doing something else! What they do is hardly a big money maker for those who run the group ~ at least so I am told! Of course, a whole lot of “charities” do nothing but enrich those who run them, but I believe that this group lives up to its name.

    The tragic thing is that these good people are so confused by our wretched “culture” that they did first what seemed to be demanded ~ GET EVERYBODY VACCINATED (for their own good, of course!). However, when they ran into people who knew a great deal more about this than apparently THEY did, they were then in a quandary! How to remain a good person (good people) and go counter to the accepted narrative! So they found themselves in a “damned if you do; damned if you don’t” scenario that only made them look silly or, worse, unfeeling for the “safety” of others. That’s a battle you cannot win!

    In a better society, this would never have happened but then, in a better society we would have what we have now.

    1. I still have not heard anyone even attempt to explain WHY this must be treated like the deadliest disease ever.

      And what if we find out the Chicoms turned it loose on purpose? Would Hunter Biden lose money on the deal?

  3. What’s just as bizarre is the idea of requiring someone who’s dying — which is what “terminally ill” means — to get “vaccinated” against something that might make the terminally ill person ill — but probably wouldn’t anyway, since children are the lowest-risk group for either catching or spreading the illness.

    It’s occurred to me that all the confusion is part of the program. None of the reaction to or even description of the virus has been logical. Instead, we keep getting shrieks about dangers, all of which (both the shrieks and the dangers) contradict each other. The idea is to keep people flailing around endlessly and uselessly, like trying to deal with a swarm of gnats. You can swat one or two flies and be done. But you can’t do anything to get rid of a swarm of gnats except keep flailing away. Meanwhile, you can’t do anything else. Including think. Or notice that the burglars are clearing out all your possessions in the next room.

    1. The whole business is bizarre. I can’t help seeing in it a dress rehearsal for global government. An obscenity.

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