‘Gone Home’

No hymn requests today, and as this was the first one I saw when I went to YouTube, this was the one I chose –after listening to it, never heard it before.

Most of my loved ones have “gone home.” It’s not easy to bear, when you think about it.

May the Holy Spirit keep us fed.

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    1. It did.
      Who can I get to address these readers’ complaints? I don’t speak the language. I try to read some whatsit in a manual, and just can’t understand it.

  1. I think I am back…maybe.

    Now that I am 70, this song rings so true. And it’s not just older loved ones who are waiting for me. There are a few that are very young, and some just middle age who have gone before.

    And at this stage of life, there are some, not so loved, that it would have been nice to have seen them go.

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