‘A Lesson in Lunacy’ (2019)

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“Ye shall be as gods,” said Satan.

Introducing “Creatable World” by Mattel–“gender fluid” dolls that can be any gender” you want them to be from day to day.

A Lesson in Lunacy

Gee, how do they do that? The answer lies in Far Left Crazy ideology! No one is anything but the sum of ‘xer’ external characteristics–which can be changed at will. Clothes, jewelry, tattoos, whatever–it’s all on the outside; and that is all there is to “you.” It’s as if you don’t actually exist.

Someday the bill will come due for all this wicked foolishness.

I don’t think we’ll be able to bear the cost.

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    1. There’s a term I haven’t heard or read since I was in college taking Persian Empire History. Sort of like Zoroastrianism that took a wrong turn.

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