Too Much Rain!

How to Stop Your Backyard from Flooding | Engineered Solutions

Heavy rain on nine out of the last ten days: I can’t take it anymore. Would anybody mind if I eased up on the nooze today? Can’t take much more of that, either.

[Heads up! Why did the governor of Arizona “step down” for 15 hours? Why was every high official out of state except the treasurer? A very peculiar situation!]

Hmm… There appears to be a lull in the rain. Dare I attempt to smoke a cigar?

I think I’ll do that before moving on to Joe Collidge.

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8 comments on “Too Much Rain!

  1. I’ve been seeing videos of parts of NYC under several feet of water, including major streets and highways. The subways have had to shut down as well. Wow. Jersey City seems to have been hit, too. How is your section of New Jersey doing?

    1. We had a bucket on the steps which was filled practically to the brim. Patty emptied it last night, and by now it’s already half-full again.

  2. With all that talk about rain, for a second I thought you were talking about the Philippines.

    With all that rain, you could join with me and sing as I did during one typhoon …

    Oh no, don’t let the rain come down, aw ha
    Oh no, don’t let the rain come down, aw ha
    Oh no, don’t let the rain come down
    My roofs got a hole in it and I might drown
    Oh yes, my roofs got a hole in it and I almost drowned

    And during one typhoon, my roof did have have a hole in it, and the water did pour in… I hate that when that happens.

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