‘Kowabunga! “Fat Studies”!’ (2020)


Ready for his Ph. D.!

This is another one of those Far Left storms of idiocy that crept up on us unawares and now we can’t get rid of it.

When did obesity become something to be “proud” of?

Kowabunga! ‘Fat Studies’!

Yee-ha! Go to college, grab some knowledge! For a mere hundred and fifty thousand smackers, a degree in Fat Studies can be yours! And think what you can do with it! Line your bird cage, paper your walls, wrap fish… hummm baby, higher education!


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  1. I once heard about a department that was offering a course in “Studies Studies,” i.e., a meta-study of all the different kinds of “studies” that were being (cough cough) “researched” and taught. But that may have been someone’s idea of a joke. It’s hard to tell, these days.

  2. Being a woman of girth myself, I do acknowledge there are real “fat phobia” problems. Especially in the medical field. Such biases led to my husband’s physical injuries being basically ignored for years, and contributed to his now being permanently disabled. Even now, his back injury and chronic pain basically get ignored when he sees a doctor. They only focus on his weight and blood sugars, neither of which well ever be under control until his pain is under control. At least some of the specialists he’s been to have been more honest. After being harangued about his weight for 2 years, his primary caregiver finally referred to him to specialists to find out what was going on with his back. By then it was too late. At the spine clinic, my husband asked the specialist if loosing weight would help – the specialist never brought up his weight. The doctor said, yeah, it would probably help, but you’re not going to be able to lose weight.

    Maybe if we’d seen the specialist a couple of years earlier, there could have been some course of treatment, but my husband was long past that stage by then.

    There’s nothing like going to the doctor for something specific, only to have the doctor look at you and basically say, “you know you’re fat, right? Let’s give you some drugs to make you lose weight.” Then start lecturing you like you’re a 2 yr old, without even knowing your medical history. They just assume, if you’re fat, it’s because you lay around eating bon bons all day. As for the reason you’re there, the attitude is that losing weight will magically fix everything. Even broken bones. People have actually died due to lack of treatment, because their doctors would only focus on their weight and wouldn’t even look for any other problem. So there is a real problem there. I think the biggest mistake was classifying obesity as a disease, when it is a symptom. As long as we’re treating the symptom (body size), instead of the disease (whether it’s physical or psychological), we aren’t going to solve anything. But a lot more people are going to just give up. If you’re going to be treated like an object of disgust anyway, may as well become one.

    Having said that, the idea of “fat studies” as a degree is so incredibly stupid.

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