Cardinal Burke Has Serious Doubts

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Cardinal Burke

Back in August Raymond Cardinal Burke and several others sent a message to Pope Francis asking for answers to certain “dubia”–doubts–that they have concerning some of his theology. The full communication, Notification to Christ’s Faithful, is available online (

No. 1 on their list of “dubia” is this: Should the church “reinterpret Divine Revelation according to the cultural and anthropological changes in vogue”? I’m guessing these cardinals don’t want to do that but they’re afraid this pope does.

They’re also asking if this pope is suggesting that “the theology of the Church has changed.” For instance: Does every sin get forgiven, whether or not the sinner repents? I think that’s a very slippery slope. So do the cardinals. They think the Church could be led into “confusion and error.”

No answer has been received from the Vatican. The doubts continue unresolved.

The Church that belongs to Jesus Christ Our Lord transcends denominations. We should all be praying for “the ten just men” within the Roman Catholic Church. And stand together with them.

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  1. There is the Church, as founded by Christ, and churches, as founded by humans. Other than the spelling of the word “church”, there is little else in common, in many cases. When Cardinal Burke asks: “Should the church ‘reinterpret Divine Revelation according to the cultural and anthropological changes in vogue’?”, he is getting directly to the heart of the matter. Many churches spend much effort adjudicating endless details, as if trying to find loopholes in scripture, to allow unprofitable practices to be accepted. This misses the point. It comes down to God’s wisdom, versus human wisdom, and the obvious choice is to accede to God’s will, but unfortunately, many people want God to conform to their will, instead.

    1. Thank you Lee.

      There are numerous denominations, and many adherents are sincerely devoted, but the question quickly becomes; is this devotion to God, or devotion to a manmade organization?

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