EV Bus Catches Fire

U.K - Oops, looks like an electric bus on fire in the 'clean ...

A wee pot-hole on the road to Utopia

Britain now has EV (battery-powered) buses. It also has “Clean Air Zones” where regular people aren’t allowed to drive regular cars. Put ’em together and waddaya got?

Well, as so often happens, one of those EV buses blew up–for no apparent reason– caught fire, and spewed vast clouds of toxic black smoke into the air. So much for the Clean Air Zone (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/4188386/posts).

God help us, the whole world is governed by thieves, liars, villains, and psychotics. Hence this whole EV idiocy. Their components are dangerously toxic and hard to dispose of, and they seem to have a real gift for bursting into flame when you least expect it.

These people will not leave us alone until they’ve made The Hunger Games a reality.


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  1. I read a few of the comments in the story. Here are two good ones.

    “What is a clean air zone? Some touchy feelie words that have no real meaning.”

    It’s a zone where you have NON-POLLUTING vehicles, Einstein, you know, like the bus in the video.

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