Mark Rushdoony: ‘Investing in the Kingdom’

Mark Rushdoony on Charity & Welfare

“Lights out” for humanism: Mark Rushdoony

This is a rather long interview, but the message is important and just about sure to answer some questions that you’ve had.

We see the ungodly running wild, chewing up churches and spitting them out–and yet the church continues… and grows. History ebbs and flows, “and yet the Kingdom of God has grown.”

We don’t make the Kingdom grow; God does. Our calling is, above all, to be faithful: to walk in God’s word as best we can at home, at work, in everyday life.

Go back to St. Paul’s time. Who in his right mind would have wagered a widow’s mite that Paul’s church would still be growing two thousand years later… but Rome would not?

We didn’t make that happen. God did.

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