‘Bad Culture… Bad Politics?’ (2018)

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I think I’m onto something here, the old political scientist said to himself.

Does the culture shape the politics, or is it the politics that shapes the culture? Chew on that for a bit.

Bad Culture… Bad Politics?

What do we “learn” from TV, movies, gossip, celebrity-worship, and popular music? It’s not meant as a rhetorical question; but I’m afraid to answer it.

Does a sane and decent country wind up with the leaders we have now?

I don’t want to answer that one, either. Just look at this mess.

8 comments on “‘Bad Culture… Bad Politics?’ (2018)

  1. You’re right about the effect of a “killed” culture having a profound effect upon our political systems. I remember learning about GIGO, “what goes in will go out,” a computer term, which I think is what we are seeing. A large majority of people today spend far too much time on “the pursuit of happiness” angle. But in this pursuit we’ve got to be choosier. It’s like what Paul the Apostle said about all things being lawful but not being helpful or edifying. What we take in whether it’s something profitable in the sense that we grow towards goodness and goodness toward others or whether it’s trash which pulls one down to a corrupt way of thinking which often is more selfish towards others.

    1. Very true. We are not under the Law of Moses, and we don’t have to give sacrifices for our sins, but if we choose to live lives of sin, we will suffer consequences for our actions. I’m currently reading a book that deals with a well known musical figure from the ‘40s and ‘50s. While he maintained a positive public image, his personal life was filled with immorality and a degree of treachery. While he was wildly successful in many ways, his personal life was stained by his lack of morality. It was truly tragic, and his actions, over 70 years ago, have had an effect upon his offspring, ever since.

      We can sin, and ask forgiveness, but that doesn’t negate the damage we do by choosing to sin.

  2. Unknowable, you’re right on that. And besides that one entertainer about whom you’re reading so many more have had or are having the same sort of life.

    1. I was very fortunate to have parents that worked to insure that I was taught strong moral standards, from an early age. I am certain that played a key role in my ability to resist the pressures of my age peers.

      Sadly, even some of the beloved characters in the entertainment world frequently live troubled lives. Some of it may well be related to the disruptive nature of the life an entertainer usually has to lead, which involves a lot of travel, working late into the night and the ever-present pressure to use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism.

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