‘Flash! Global Warming Causes Snowstorm’ (2019)

Why Have a Winter Wedding?

The Climbit Change Crowd like to have it both ways: if the weather’s hot, it’s Global Warming/Climate Change; and if the weather’s cold, it’s Climate Change. Heads they win, tails we lose.

Flash! Global Warming Causes Snowstorm

Government’s job, its mission, is to scare us into giving it more and more power over our lives. Why anyone should want this–ask the Devil, he knows.

No, it doesn’t have to be consistent, or make any kind of sense. It just has to be scary. A good scare will always whip the plebs into line.(See COVID, End of World, etc.)

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  1. Fear is every dictator’s favorite tool. The latest peer reviewed article on climate change shows that it is the heat from large cities that throw off the computer models which are not taking that into account. The Vikings used to farm in Greenland, so take that climate cultist and smoke it in your pipe dream.

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