‘100% Genuine Fake News’ (2019)

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Back in 2019 it was politics; today it’s politics and war. If you’re as tired of reading the nooze as I am of writing it, let’s try this–just plain making it up. I’m sure none of our nooze media have ever done that before.

100% Genuine Fake News

P.S.–The ultimatum from YouTube: either pay $14 a month (kind of steep!) to go ad-free, or allow us to inundate you with crappy commercials. Otherwise no video for you. Like I have the time to sit there waiting for the ^%$&# commercial to be over…

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  1. With most ads, you can click out of them (“Skp Ads” button in lower right corner) after about 5 seconds. But some advertisers seem to have poured a lot of money into ads that can’t be clicked out of. Here in Ohio, a lot of out-of-state money has gone into flooding YouTube with these non-escapable ads in favor of a proposed constitutional amendment coming up for a vote in two weeks that will not only make abortion available up to the moment of birth (and maybe even afterward, considering the vagueness of the wording), but will also prevent parents from stopping the sexual grooming and mutilation of their children. We’re also worried that the wording may outlaw crisis pregnancy centers, praying outside abortuaries, and almost any other “interference” with “decisions about reproductive health.” As for the ads themselves, they’re full of outright lies. But they’re everywhere. They’ve even shown up in religious and pro-life videos.

    The lines are truly being drawn in dark lines between good and evil these days.

    1. Remember when cable TV first came out, and the big selling point was “Finally! No commercials”?
      YouTube went for years without commercials.
      We had to switch to YouTube Premium. Ka-ching, ka-ching…

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