Easing Up A Little

50 Beautiful Fall Pictures and Images - Parade

Scenery by God the Father… We love His handiwork.

As I wait, on this gorgeous fall day, for Byron the Quokka to deliver his TV listings, I wonder if I might slack off just a bit today? The weather here this week had been crazily up and down, hot and cold, wet and dry, and we need a break.

And I want to get outside and enjoy today’s weather while it lasts.

Perhaps, later, a mummy movie…

4 comments on “Easing Up A Little

  1. Relax. It’s been a rough ride these past couple of weeks, and a breather will help.

    And if that comment didn’t help, let’s try a guilt trip instead: God gave you a lot of scenic beauty to contemplate. Don’t throw it away. Relax and enjoy it and remember to be a good boy and say “thank you.”

    (Which worked better — the soothing therapy or the nagging guilt trip?) 😁

    1. I just came back from a walk, which my hip did not find pleasurable. But you should see the foliage around here–just gorgeous.

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