America’s National Malaise

29 Halloween Porch Decor Ideas for 2023

Very few of them were this impressive.

This subject came up in my interview before I could raise it myself:

Where are the Halloween decorations?

Every Halloween, we take a ride around town to enjoy the decorations. This year’s crop looked kind of skimpy. Oh, a few houses did it up, a few of the displays were big and gaudy. But by comparison with some years ago–yeah, it was skimpy.The interviewer noticed it, and so have I.

I first noticed it in the closing years of the Obama regime; but two years into Donald Trump’s term, it was back in all its glory. Then along comes Biden–and lot of the houses don’t have even so much as a pumpkin on the doorstep.

The same applies to Christmas decorations.

Is it just the crummy state of our economy, or something deeper? I say the cause is a national malaise, a kind of cultural depression, that settles over the country whenever it’s under (and I do mean under) Democrats. It’s depressing to be governed by people who think the country stinks and you’re not so hot, either. And their nooze media hammer it home every day. We not only don’t have the extra money to spend on decorations; a lot of us don’t have the heart for it.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! What’s not to love? Inflation, war, schools exhorting kids to go transgender, non-existent national borders, anybody can come in–ask Israel how that turns out–FBI “investigating” parents who object to their local school boards’ shenanigans… and we’re told we never had it so good!

I pray we can hold out long enough to get these people out of office.

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  1. It has been studied that people who decorate their houses inside and outside for holiday celebrations are happier than those who don’t. People are not as happy these days – being lied to continually by your gov’t and media will do that to you.

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