‘We Need More Victories’ (My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 2)

Crazy Teacher on Behance

A Christian school stood up to the state government last week–and won.

Why are we trodden underfoot by Far Left Crazy? What do they ever do but sap the national morale? Why do we continue to tolerate it?

We Need More Victories

It would have been so easy for the school to do what so many other schools have done–just knuckle under, kow-tow, surrender to the culture-killers. In the case of “transgender,” they’re killing our posterity. But the Darren Patterson Christian Academy kept the faith–and followed it up by suing the state of Colorado.

And winning!

The state wanted to leave the door open to forcing Christian schools to teach anti-Christian heathen garbage. But!–

We do not have to let them do it.

One down, forty-nine to go.

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  1. Yes, if we stand up to them we may win. But than again, we may instead find ourselves declared “domestic terrorists” and then find ourselves bankrupt at best and locked up in government dungeons at worst … or maybe that wouldn’t be the worst. Still, better to try and fail than to surrender at once.

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