We Nead ‘A’ Weeed Man Date!!!!!

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Yiu whant “to” know watts Wrawng whith Amairicka? I whil tel yiu!!!

We doughnt smoak Enuff wead!!! And wye Is “that,, yiu assk”?”?” Becawse we hasntt got “no Man Date” to maik “it” Cumpulssary!!!!

Us at the Stoodint Soviet we “are” riting A Leter “to” Pressadint Jobydin dee-manding himb to maik it a Executrive Odor and a Man Date “that fromb” Nhow On evvry boddy thay has to smoak Marrawanna evvry Day!!!!!

This heer it whil mayk the hole Contry mutch moar Mello!!!!!! Are yiu wurryed abuot Darnold Trumpt tayking oaver agin??? Well ha ha ha!!!!!!! Iff evvry boddy smoaks Moar Wead, thay woont evin Re-membber whoo “he” Is!!!!  And it woont mater that evvry boddy thay Are Stoaned awl “the” tyme and cant Think “of Nothing!”!” We has Arta Fisshil Intelerginse A,I! to doo awl “the thincking” foar Us!!!!!!! That whil alouw us to rite Cowboy Pottery and Play viddio gaimes and get Ginder Affurming Cair as mutch “as” we whant!!!!!!!!!

Nhow “it” mite Be Nessasairy to Maik peple smoak Pott but its fore thare Own Goood and anyhaow No boddy has a Rite “not to obay” the Man Date!!!

And dought whurry abuot Cost!!!! The U-N it whil alyaws help us Pay “fore” It!!!!

5 comments on “We Nead ‘A’ Weeed Man Date!!!!!

  1. Treating pot like social drinking may be okay in some ways, but abuse of weed is the same as abuse of alcohol. In some studies, over weed use was shown to make people become violent – so much for mellowing out. Also, weed does open the door to trying other drugs.

    1. The pot users I have known were frequently not successful in life. I have met people who claim that marijuana can be used in moderation, but most of the people I’ve met who smoked marijuana were anything but moderate about it.

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