Promises, Promises!

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“B.S.” also stands for Barbra Streisand.

Ooh, ooh! Who saw this coming?

Barbra Streisand has promised to leave America and live somewhere else if Donald Trump is elected president next year ( “Me, too!” chips in Cher.

Promises, promises! These boring celebrities always promise to quit the country if anyone other that a Far Left doozy is elected president. And then what? Betcha can’t name one single liberal who ever kept that promise. They’re all still here, cluttering up the country.

Oh, if only! If only they would ALL do what they keep saying they will do–my gosh, you’d never dream there were that many Trump votes. “Vote for me and Barbra Streisand will leave!” I think that’s a great campaign slogan. Imagine getting rid of all these bellyaching leftid nothings!

But we know it’s fantasy. They never go live somewhere else. If there were a national fund to pay their fare, they still wouldn’t go. One can but sigh… and try our level best to put Trump back in office.

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