Canines Cavorting

Dogs really know how to have fun! No one makes better use of snow than a dog.

Keep your eye out for the dog who steals the sled out from under a human so that he can use it instead. And another pooch makes off with someone’s snow shovel. I wonder what he meant to do with it.

‘O Holy Night’ (Donna Roberson)

I simply couldn’t find the hymn that Erlene asked for, so I had to put in a substitute. Now pinch-hitting for Carroll Roberson: Donna Roberson, singing O Holy Night.

Don’t forget the Christmas Carol Contest, everybody!

Playing With A Grumpy Chicken

Here’s a little cat who wants to play, but there’s no one around to play with. (We’ve all been there.) But wait! There’s a nice chicken, I’ll go play with her.

What a surly reception the poor cat gets. Chickens don’t impress me as all that playful, although they do have their good qualities. If a chicken chases you, it’s because you’ve cheesed her off.

Live and learn, kitty. Live and learn.

By Request, ‘Unto Us a Child Is Born’

Submitted by “thewhiterabbit,” this is the first entry in our annual Christmas Carol Contest–Unto Us a Child Is Born (see Isaiah 9:6-7), from Handel’s Messiah, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Let the Christmas season begin!

‘Come, Ye Thankful People, Come’

I really should’ve posted this yesterday, for Thanksgiving–how did I forget?

Well, no use crying about it. So today we have Come, Ye Thankful People, Come, played by our friends and esteemed colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy.

Cat & Pheasant

[Achh, I’m late! Cockup on the catering front…]

What’s going on here? I’m assuming the pheasant is a wild bird. Isn’t he supposed to be afraid of cats? The cat is a born predator. Isn’t he supposed to hunt birds? But no–he lets the bird eat the rest of his kibbles.

Just when you think you’ve got animals all figured out, you see something like this.

Bonus Video: Friendly Squirrel

Don’t you love it when a squirrel takes a nut from your hand, and settles down next to you to crack it open?

Those red squirrels with the tufted ears are the cutest little critters. We don’t have them in New Jersey, although occasionally you see a grey squirrel with a red tint. But the tufted ears are what wins the prize.

By Request, ‘Thanksgiving Prayer’

Requested by Susan, Thanksgiving Prayer by Johnny Cash.

And I’m grateful to the Lord for giving me Susan as my editor, and for giving me work with Chalcedon’s ministry.

‘We Gather Together’

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this hymn. I know I’ve been singing it, and hearing it sung, for every Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember.

We Gather Together–performed by the Sanctuary Choir at the First United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

The Puppies’ Rebuttal

Demanding equal time, a spokesdog for puppies insists that they can stampede every bit as well as kittens, and offers this video as proof.

Can you count the puppies?

Yes, you have the count the one who doesn’t get it.