Hard at Work Today

His Mercy Endureth Forever

I want to spend the rest of this afternoon working on my new Bell Mountain book, Behold! And I wonder when I’m going to get some amazon customer reviews of No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever.

Meanwhile, I’m several thousand views down from my total for July of 2019, which is Verizon’s fault, internet outage and all. I wonder when the views will come back to where they were. Nothing I can do about it but to keep on working.

I have no idea where Behold! is going. God hasn’t shown it to me yet. I think (but I don’t know!) that the distant past and the distant future are going to clash somewhere.

Oh, for a glass of golden wine from Durmurot! Or a nip of stout Ninneburky ale.

Well, let’s go back outside and see what happens.

Sorry, I Can’t Do It

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I’m sorry. But this month is shot and I’m sitting here staring at the keyboard and the screen and just can’t seem to write anything. I’m even having trouble writing this.

My wife insists I take the afternoon off. Might as well try it.

Please, please feel entirely free to start profound, witty, and exciting conversations wherever you have room to leave a comment. That way I can say we’re having an experiment to see if readers can write the blog

I hope I can return and get to work in a couple of hours. Well, I pray I can, at least.

My Royalties (Oh, Boy)

The Bell Mountain Series - Reformed Reviews

Well, that little medical adventure cost me two hours out of this morning. They want you to do eye tests with your stupid mask on, fogging up your glasses. Most informative.

Meanwhile, I got my royalty statement yesterday. I am now the Crown Prince of Bazukaburg.

No, no, not that kind of royalty. This is the report on how many of my books were sold during the last quarter.

I can safely say I have sold more books than people who haven’t written any.

And there goes the $%$#@# internet crapping out again!

‘Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee!’ (I’m Back?)

I have to go to the eye doctor this morning, but first a hymn–Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee: music by Beethoven, sung by the Mennonite Hour Singers, background sets by God the Father.

And Patty has been using this machine for two hours already and says it hasn’t conked out once–so let’s pray the bad stuff’s all over and we can start rebuilding our blog.

I’ll try some longer posts when I get back.

Am I Here or Not?

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Well, well, they were supposed to fix our problem yesterday; but whatever they did, they killed our internet access. Killed it dead.

So we called again today, and this time the promise was that our access would be restored this afternoon or early in the evening.

If this post gets published, does that mean it’s fixed?

We have learned not to expect people to do the things they say they’re going to do.

Meanwhile, this business has made a shambles of this blog, just about a smoking ruin. Viewership is now dropped back down to 2015 levels. All that work undone!

Wonder how long it’ll take to build it up again.

Progress, Maybe?

Well, I’ve posted Joe Collidge’s timeless essay, and supposedly Verizon is working on fixing the outage at their central office–and I’ve loaded a cat video for this evening.

We’re still getting bounced out of internet access, again and again; but now the bounce-outs seem to be getting much shorter. Maybe by tomorrow it’ll all be back to normal. As in “We’ve got ’em now, boys!” said General Custer.

Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with us throughout this time of intense frustration. And a special thanks to Jill at Chalcedon HQ for posting another update yesterday.

Hello, I Think

See the source image

What gives? I just made two posts without my internet connection disappearing on me. This will be three posts, if I finish it.

Verizon promised that sometime this weekend we’d get our internet back, “in 48 hours or less.” The problem’s at their central office, they said.

They didn’t tell me whether things would get better gradually or all at once.

Well, if it’s possible for me to operate this blog today, I’ll do it. I am overjoyed to be with you all again.

I wonder what happened to Joe Collidge…

I Knew It!

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It was too good to be true. I knew it.

We had Internet access for about three hours after the tech guy left, and no it’s fading in and out on us every few minutes. So I’d better hurry up and post this.

Why does nothing work?

Why do we want computers to control our missile system?

Artificial Intelligence… hot dog!

I Missed You!

35 Totally Blessed Duck Images To Make You Smile | Bored Panda

I just want to say this before I go back outside to try to write a little more book before it rains.

I really missed you guys!

If I do say so myself, we have more than just a blog. It’s a fellowship. We pray for each other, amuse each other, bat around ideas together–and I found it hard, not to be able to do those things.

The technician who came here this morning said our system is working just fine, there’s nothing wrong with it, no reason for it not to keep on functioning as it should. Then again, he couldn’t find any reason why it stopped functioning for two weeks, getting a bit worse every day and totally kicking the bucket early Wednesday morning. He searched, but couldn’t find. I don’t hold it against.

Anyway, O friends and readers, I really missed your company.