‘Beautiful Savior’

The Lutheran Warbler sings her way through the hymnal, and here we pause at one of my wife’s favorite hymns, Beautiful Savior. Also known as Fairest Lord Jesus and, sometimes, as “The Crusaders’ Hymn”.

This is an antidote to these times.

‘I Know That My Redeemer Lives’

We haven’t visited with the Lutheran Warbler for a while. She’s still singing her way through the Lutheran hymnal. This is I Know That My Redeemer Lives. by Samuel Medley in 1775. Inspired by the Book of Job, 19: 23-27.

‘When I Survey the Wondrous Cross’

The Lutheran Warbler is working her way through the hymnal. Usually it’s just her and her piano, but for this she’s added more music–When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, by Isaac Watts.

‘Behold a Host Arrayed in White’

Here’s another hymn, out of the Lutheran hymnal, that I’d never heard before–Behold a Host Arrayed in White, sung by The Lutheran Warbler. The imagery is from the Book of Revelation. So is the message.

Bonus Hymn, ‘The King of Love My Shepherd Is’

I love the way The Lutheran Warbler is singing her way through the Lutheran Service Book: stand and salute.

This is hymn LSB #709, The King of Love My Shepherd Is.

‘Jesus Christ Is Risen Today’

We love this hymn, right? We think of it as an Easter hymn, but when is a bad day for proclaiming that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead? Shout it from the housetops!

And we cheer “The Lutheran Warbler” as she sings her way through all the hymns in the Lutheran Service Book.

‘How Great Thou Art’

This hymn brought me close to tears this morning–How Great Thou Art, sung by The Lutheran Warbler. My Grandma used to sing this as she went about her daily household chores. So did my mother. Hearing it brought them back to me.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Lift High the Cross’

It’s raining again today (oh, fap), and I thought an old-fashioned hymn might be in order. This is “the Lutheran Warbler,” with Lift High The Cross–something that needs doing. A lot.

Bonus Hymn: ‘Beautiful Savior’

I can use an extra hymn, right now; and I want to do better by WhiteRabbit’s hymn request. So here’s The Lutheran Warbler with Beautiful Savior. I was brought up to sing this hymn as Fairest Lord Jesus, but my wife assures me it’s Beautiful Savior in the Lutheran hymnal. Either way, it’s lovely.

‘Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing’

I think this hymn will stay with you for a while today: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, sung by The Lutheran Warbler. I’d tell you more about her if I could, but all I know is that she posts her hymns on youtube and a lot of people like them. And she has an album or two of hymns for sale on amazon.com… without revealing her identity. Maybe she’s a secret agent, like Phebe for the church at Cenchrea–who delivered Paul’s epistle to the Romans to Rome.