By Request, ‘Amazing Grace’ (with Prayer Request)

Requested by Katheleen–Amazing Grace, sung by Sounds Like Reign. Nice acoustics in an unused silo.

And please pray for Brazil, Katheleen’s country: another presidential election stolen by the Far Left. O Lord our God, restrain and confound them, and deliver us out of their hands! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

By Request, ‘He Is Exalted’

Running late, I know–but not too late to carry out a hymn request.

Requested by Susan, He Is Exalted, by Sounds Like Reign (the whole family). Background sets by the hand of God the Father.

‘My Worth Is Not in What I Own’

Written by Keith and Kristyn Getty, we have My Worth Is Not In What I Own as a solo by Lindsay Kirkland, “Sounds Like Reign.”

You’d think the lesson would be obvious. But has it ever been?

‘Amazing Grace’ (Two for One)

Simon Khorolskiy and Sounds Like Reign, together in one of the world’s best-loved hymns, Amazing Grace–well, I couldn’t resist.

The hymn shop is open all day if you want to make requests–and I’ve got to tell you, it isn’t crowded.

‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ (Sounds Like Reign)

I never would’ve thought of recording a song in an abandoned silo, but apparently Sounds Like Reign does it fairly often: nice acoustics. And someone did quite a job with the video portion, didn’t they?

Holy, Holy, Holy–a capella in a silo, by Sounds Like Reign.

By Request, ‘In Christ Alone’

Why do I post so many hymns?

Because we need them! As King Alfred said, “But the Lord is our defense: Jesu defend us!”

The crisis of our age is, as it has been from the beginning, a religious crisis. It is a war of worlds. It’s been going on since the serpent first seduced Eve in the garden.

Hymns and prayers–these are our ammunition. And the Gospel, and the Word, and the grace of God.

Requested by SlimJim: In Christ Alone, performed by Sounds Like Reign.

‘I Must Tell Jesus’

I’d never heard this hymn before–beautiful, isn’t it? Sounds Like Reign uses technology to multiply themselves: it’s how one musician can play several different instruments (without being a one-man band!) in the same song. I Must Tell Jesus, performed at home by Sounds Like Reign.

‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

Your Favorite Hymns continues with Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, sung by the whole family of Sounds Like Reign.

There’s still plenty of room in the wagon for more hymns; so if you have one or two or half a dozen you’d like to share here, just let us know.

By Request, ‘It Is Well with My Soul’

Requested by Erlene, It Is Well with My Soul, performed in an empty silo–how did they ever think of that?–by Sounds Like Reign. Great acoustics in there, with singers who know how to take full advantage of it: and glorifying God as they sing.

‘Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior’

We are reminded that of one blood God made all the nations of the earth: Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior, by Sounds Like Reign.