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Poncing His Way to ‘Miss Universe’

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You didn’t think I was going to show this wretched man, did you? Here’s a nice cardinal instead.

Some guy named “Angela” Ponce, done up as a woman, is reportedly the odds-on favorite to win this year’s Miss Universe pageant (https://theblast.com/miss-universe-spain-transgender-gambling-angela-ponce/).

All right–who’s the satirist?

In British slang, “ponce” denotes “an effeminate man… milksop… namby-pamby.” And this guy’s name is “Ponce”?? Go ahead, pull the other one.

I have never watched a beauty pageant, and please don’t ask me what its purpose is, ’cause I don’t know. In light of current developments, I can’t even imagine what purpose it might serve.

All I know is, never in my life have I seen anything anywhere near as fanatical as the push for “transgender.”

Why? Why does anybody want this? In the absence of any obvious gain of wealth, power, or prestige, to me it looks like the impetus can only be Satanic. It is a revolt against God and His sovereignty over His creation: “Male and female created He them.” Only the devil can object to that–him, and the people he deludes.

Miss America Bids ‘No Trump!’

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I didn’t know they still did the Miss America pageant. But they did it last night, and–of course: who would have doubted it?–they used the occasion to attack President Donald Trump and spew assorted Democrat talking points (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/karen-townsend/2017/09/10/miss-america-contestants-condemn-president-trump).

I know, I know–a lot of you hate beauty pageants anyway. But surely, surely, if there’s any reason at all for having them–if there ever was a reason for it–the only conceivable reason would be to provide a couple hours’ worth of escape.

But no. No more escape. Instead, the finalists were grilled on political issues, with all of them–surprised? don’t be–toeing the liberal line. Did Donald Trump’s campaign collude with the Russians? (Well, gee, it’s one of those things anyone who wants to be Miss America would be expected to know.) Wasn’t Donald Trump like totally 100% wrong, wrong, wrong when he blamed the Charlottesville riot on both sides instead of just on “white supremacists”? And wasn’t he like totally 100% dead wrong again for pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Change Pact and thank you very much you bastard we’re all gonna die? And finally, shouldn’t all those Confederate statues which have been standing for 150 years without anybody even noticing them all be pulled down?

It was decided by the judges that Miss North Dakota gave the most Politically Correct answers of all the finalists in this PC spelling bee, so she is now Miss America.

I could’ve sworn they’d gotten rid of this thing sometime in the 1980s. But it, like the Oscars, is still here: a fantastic waste of time and money.

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