Freee Speach It Is Racist Speach Exept Wen We Do It!!!!!

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The Tyme it has cumb!!! to shut “down” freee speach!!! becose It “is” Racist!! wen peeple do “it” who Arint us!!!!!!

Us hear at “the” Stoodint Soviet we has Sended “a” litter to Jobydin telling himb We supoart himb rading evry boddy’s hoam who Is Not Behined The Pogramb!!!!! and we “are” Glad! he storted Whith Donold Trumpts haouse!!!!

Ferthurmoar,, the tyme it has cumb to preform a Mowth-Ektamy on evry boddy that Says rong Things that “arint” Woak enuoupght!! Freee Speach it Must “be” rezwerved for peple that say Rihght Things!!!! We has tryed lotsa Diffrint “whays” to sylints themb butt thay jist woont Shut Up!!

So “the” ownly allternatiff it is to Cut Thare Raicist Mowths Off!!! Lets sea waht thayv Got “to” Say wen thay hasnt Got “no” Mowths no moar!!!!!

Fynelee the guvvermin It “is” taiking Actoin!!!! Iff thay Do it rhihght,, then thare woont be no Racists voating “in the” Neckst Elecxion!!!! becose thay whil Awl Be In Jale!!!!!! and thay woont Be abul to heer no Repubican speaches becuase A) themb racists woont be aloud To Run foar Orffis and B)  thay Cant give speaches whith “thare” Mowths cut off!!!!!!!

Fynely the Fuddnamintal Trans-Foar-mayshin “Of” Amairicka!!!!!!!!!!