By Request, ‘Millenium Prayer’

The Lord’s Prayer, sung to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne”–you can’t get any better than this!

Requested by Ina: Millenium Prayer, sung by Cliff Richard.

So many hymns I’m hearing for the first time, thanks to my readers.

By Request, ‘Mistletoe and Wine’

I’d never heard this one before: requested by Ina, Mistletoe and Wine, by Cliff Richard. I missed it when it was a hit in 1988.

Would you believe it? The carol contest is almost two weeks old, and the lead has yet to change hands.

By Request, ‘The Millenium Prayer’

This ought to liven things up around here.

Requested by Susan: The Millenium Prayer, by Cliff Richard. You know and love the melody; here’s a set of new lyrics to go with it.

Any Christmas carol requests out there today?

By Request, ‘Millenial Prayer’

Requested by Ina–Millenial Prayer, by Cliff Richard: and I think that’s the original video that went with it. This musical treatment of the Lord’s Prayer is based on “Auld Lang Syne.”

By Request, ‘Mistletoe and Wine’

This request (not the other one!) comes from our friend Ina, in Scotland–Mistletoe and Wine, by Cliff Richard.

This is the last day of the carol contest, so get your entries in now.

But of course we can keep on playing Christmas hymns after the contest is over.

By Request, ‘Millenium Prayer’

I’ve got to get this hymn request in while Ina is still up, out there in Scotland. They’re five hours ahead of us, I think.

Millenium Prayer, by Cliff Richard–isn’t it amazing, what happens to “Auld Lang Syne” when it’s put to the service of Christ’s Kingdom.