Oh, Those Coincidences!

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This happens a lot, around here.

When I don’t find a hymn request waiting for me in the morning, I choose a hymn to post–usually the first one that pops into my head, without premeditation. And of course there are thousands and thousands of hymns to choose from!

So I post the hymn I’ve just thought of; and by and by I get a notice from a reader, “I was just about to ask you for that hymn!” It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen pretty often. Certainly often enough to notice.

It’s not like we have a limited selection. I post a lot of hymns I never heard before, because readers have requested them. Fanny Crosby alone wrote eight or nine thousand hymns: how long would it take us just to post all of hers?

I don’t make these coincidences happen. Maybe God does.

What do you think?