Satan’s Seat: Detroit

Here is one of the many ruined public buildings in Detroit. Rather large chunks of the city look like this. See how soon you can make your city part of Satan’s kingdom!

Detroit now has exactly what it needs, the answer to its problems, just what the doctor ordered–a nine-foot tall, one ton, bronze statue of… no, not Al Kaline…of Satan ( ).

Erecting a statue of Satan in a building called The Satanic Temple may seem like a jejune and sophomoric thing to do–but who better to serve Satan than jejune and sophomoric idiots?

The monstrosity was originally going to be put up in Oklahoma City, but they couldn’t swing it–although they did persuade a “judge” to ban the state capitol’s Ten Commandments monument. But it’s really much more suitable to Detroit. If you want to see what Satan’s kingdom looks like, you can’t go wrong by starting in Detroit.

The ninnies at The Satanic Temple say they are advocates for the separation of church and state. You bet they are. They are also buckling down to fight a great battle against “theocrats.” This shows how it’s a good idea to choose your battles wisely. Theocrats have absolutely no influence whatever on American culture or public policy. No risk of being defeated by them!

So, why not take a few days off to visit Detroit, groove on the lovely urban scenery, and reflect on how long it’ll take for your city to have a great big statue of Satan, too?

Did I mention Detroit is a city ruled lock, stock, and barrel by Democrats?

America’s Ruins

[The Pantheon, in Rome, is still in use after some 2,000 years: construction began under Augustus Caesar. Two thousand years! But we’re lucky if we get 50 years out of one of our expensive public buildings.]

The UK Daily Mail has a photo spread on some of America’s grandest public buildings and manufacturing centers, now fallen into ruin ( ).

Look at these colossal ruins. What war, what earthquake, what catastrophic flood could have done this?

Uh, none of the above: public policy conceived by idiots and administered by thieves–that’s what did it. The productive citizens fled from corrupt and incompetent government, leaving no one to carry on the city’s economy.

I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. (I Corinthians 1:19)

The wisdom of this world created these great buildings, and the wisdom of this world also turned them into ruins. Hey! Let’s teach people not to work, and reward them for  having out-of-wedlock babies but not having families, and jam them all into our cities, and see what happens!

Well, now we’ve seen. This is wisdom without God. This is the way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.