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Puppy and Chicks

If this little puppy had read his Konrad Lorenz, he would have known that his being so chummy with those baby chicks would attach them to him for life. He’d be a grown-up dog and they’d be grown-up chickens, and they would still be following him around.

But we can all think of worse things than that, can’t we?

Personality Pups

In addition to regularly getting me past the Facebook censorship robot, puppies are every bit as funny as cats. These little videos prove it.

I don’t know, though, that there’s any future in chasing your leash around the laundry basket while it’s still attached to your collar (the leash, not the basket). If any of you have ever tried it, please tell us how it worked out for you.

Cats & Puppies: Scandal and Cover-up

I think “Scandal” is the cat and “Cover-up” is the dog in one of these clips. The names people give their pets!

See how a cat reacts to getting mobbed by puppies. See the mother dog walk up to do something about it, change her mind, and walk away. Enjoy the funny puppies.

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