My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 14 (‘Phony, Pandering, Condescending, and False’)

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Spend enough time covering the nooze these days, and you begin to wonder if anything is genuine. The degree of corruption already attained by the, uh, “Biden administration” is already legendary.

Phony, Pandering, Condescending, and False

Oh, their commitment to destroying our freedom and turning our country into a socialist hell-hole is genuine enough. Their ties to globalist tyranny are the real deal.

Meanwhile, we’re in an age of fake government, fake news, fake crimes, and fake victims…


‘Climate change Gang Sinks to New Low’ (2016)

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It’s always sickening when political activists, having no real arguments to offer, turn to “The Children” to make their point. Truly disgusting.

And this was before Greta the Teenaged Witch came on the scene with her “How dare you!”

Climate Change Gang Sinks to New Low

The massive cheating that now threatens to propel Democrats to power over America is an existential threat. We are in danger of being “governed” by the most dishonest, venal, treacherous, slimiest, and wicked people in the world.

We need God’s intervention! Pray for it today.