‘Banality of Evil Du Jour: Another Phony Hate Crime’ (2016)

Jussie Smollett will return to acting and activism, friend says

Jussie got 150 days in jail for his caper.

This was a couple of years before the famous Jussie Smollett fake hate crime: manufacturing phony hate crimes was already a cottage industry by 2016.

Banality of Evil Du Jour: Another Phony Hate Crime

It would be just to impose on the hate crime fraudster the same penalties he sought to inflict on his victim.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a nooze story about a “hate crime” that turned out to be anything but a hoax. College English professors seem to be particularly drawn to this sort of thing.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 14 (‘Phony, Pandering, Condescending, and False’)

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Spend enough time covering the nooze these days, and you begin to wonder if anything is genuine. The degree of corruption already attained by the, uh, “Biden administration” is already legendary.

Phony, Pandering, Condescending, and False

Oh, their commitment to destroying our freedom and turning our country into a socialist hell-hole is genuine enough. Their ties to globalist tyranny are the real deal.

Meanwhile, we’re in an age of fake government, fake news, fake crimes, and fake victims…


Justice Dept.: School Board Protesters Are ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Scottsdale school board restricts meeting access amid mask tensions

“Don’t you people get it??? SHUT UP!!!”

Hey! Remember that so-called “moderate,” Merrick Garland, whom Ol’ *Batteries Not Included wanted to appoint to the Supreme Court in the final few days of his administration? The Senate wouldn’t let him do it: stick us with some guy who’s gonna be plaguing us for 25 or 30 years, while he himself is about to leave the White House.

Well, Garland is baaaaaack!

Now this so-called “moderate” is our attorney general, at the head of the Justice Dept. And now he agrees with the National School Boards Assn. that parents who vigorously dissent from the school boards’ more radically asinine policies are… domestic terrorists.

Give it another two months and the term “domestic terrorist” will have no meaning at all, other than to denote anyone who’s not a rug-chewing leftist wacko.

Garland cites innumerable “threats of violence” against school board members who want to fill children’s minds with Critical Race Theory and “transgender” propaganda. Not one of these supposed “threats” has ever been carried out. When Antifa/BLM/Democrats (forgive the tautology) burn down half a city and physically attack anyone who isn’t them, the Justice Dept. and Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media call it “mostly peaceful protest” and do absolutely nothing to restrain it. Plus we have on public record a multitude of cases of libs creating their own “hate” incidents as hoaxes: vandalize your own car and blame the guy with the Trump sign on his lawn. It would not be the least bit surprising to discover that many of these “threats” against school board members are totally fictitious.

Of course, they could stop the “threats” this afternoon simply by dropping transgender and CRT indoctrination from the curriculum. But “educators” are fully committed to these abominations, and fully convinced that the American people are ungrateful slobs who should just shut up and pay their school tax.

America will never be safe until the Democrat Party is put out of business. Forever.

The Easiest Question in the World to Answer

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In the wake of yet another ballyhooed “hate crime” revealed as a hoax–instantaneously embraced by every prominent Democrat, celebrity, and nooze media dullard–a writer for PJmedia.com asks what has to be the easiest question in the world to answer:

“Why does the media keep falling for obvious hoaxes?” (https://pjmedia.com/trending/why-does-the-msm-keep-falling-for-obvious-hoaxes/

Ooh-ooh, I know! I know! [Raises hand, waves it furiously; jumps up and down in seat]

Uh, it’s because they want these stupid stories to be true!

They have this “narrative”–euphemism for “stupid mythology that only a real jerk would believe in”–that says America is this hateful, violent, racist, homophobic, sexist, no-good stinkin’ place that perversely refuses to allow itself to be ruled and managed and dictated to by liberals. So naturally us Americans attack Persons Of Color and Proud LGBTQ Persons every chance we get. We usually wear our MAGA hats, too, when we do it.

So some drip of a TV celebrity manufactures a “hate crime” and every lib shouts their outrage from the housetops–and it turns out not to be true.

Mark Steyn once said, commenting on yet another phony hate crime, “Now they’re mad at us for not hating them enough!” Bullseye, brother.

But the fake nooze media want those stories to be true, so whenever they catch the scent of one, they run with it. And when the lie trips them up, they immediately start hunting for another.