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Encore! ‘To God Be the Glory’

I hope you don’t mind my repeating this hymn selection: To God Be the Glory, performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy, British Columbia. This is the hymn that called to me this morning. Turn up the volume! We live in an evil age; but as I once heard a wise Christian lady say, “That’s the time to sing louder.”

‘Trust and Obey’

This is another Sunday school favorite that never fails to move me, here played by the students at Fountainview Academy–Trust and Obey. John Sammis wrote it in 1887. He was attending a Dwight Moody crusade in Massachusetts when a young man in the audience, unable to grasp some of the nuances of the sermon, said he would at least “trust and obey.” We still sing his comment 130 years later.

‘Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide’

Let’s go to Fountainview Academy in British Columbia, with its lovely outdoor scenery wrought by God’s hands, and the voices of its students lifted in praise: Holy Spirit Faithful Guide.

O Light of the World! Light our way through this dark age. Amen.

‘Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior’

A Fanny Crosby hymn from 1868, performed in God’s great outdoors by the young people of Fountainview Academy: I do wish I could thank the soloist by name. May this hymn bless your day and mine.

Yes, He Shall Reign Forever and Ever!

We usually reserve The Hallelujah Chorus for Christmas time or Easter, but I think we want it today. We want to say to the wicked of this world, “We defy you in the name of Jesus Christ the King of Kings! And He shall reign forever, whether you like it or not–nothing you can do about it!”

This performance (indoors, for once) is by the kids at Fountainview Academy.

‘He Leadeth Me’ (Fountainview)

I needed medicine for my soul this morning, having had my blood brought to a boil by certain items in the news, and the medicine was this: He Leadeth Me, performed by the kids from Fountainview Academy while visiting Hawaii.

No, I will not discuss those news items today. God will always fight for the right, and the wicked will not win, even if it sure looks like they’re winning big, just now. But the day will come when we diligently search for the place of the wicked, and will not be able to find it.

Lead me, O Lord my God: lead me.

‘Abide With Me’ (Fountainview Academy)

Abide With Me–does this hymn move you? “Help of the helpless,” “O Thou who changest not”: our God who pleads for us is mighty.

It is kind of unusual to find the students at Fountainview Academy singing indoors, though.

‘This Is My Father’s World’ (Fountainview)

How I love this hymn! This Is My Father’s World, written by Maltbie Babcock in 1901, from his farm in upstate New York, and set to a traditional English melody in 1915 (according to Cyberhymnal–I don’t actually know all this stuff!), and here performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy, British Columbia. It really goes well with canoeing smoothly over glassy water…

Christ’s Coronation Hymn

The great thing is, we who are His people, we will see Christ crowned! We will see it–King of Kings and Lord of Lords, whose right it is to rule Creation.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this rendition by the kids at Fountainview Academy.

Comfort: ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’

I need comfort today, and this is maybe the most comforting hymn I know: What a Friend We Have in Jesus, here performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy. I love to whistle this hymn when I walk alone.

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