We Oapin our Collidge ‘To’ Furrys!!!

National Police Association is warring with furries. Yes, really

Finelly! we has oapinned “our” campas to Furrys, lyke “in The” pixture!!!

Acturly, the Furrys thay stratted “out” as a Ainchint Greeek thing, thay Used “to” Fly aruound dooing Venjints!!! somb “of” themb thogh thay coodnt “Fly” like if thay was bare Furrys or buny Furrys, then thay wood “has to” Run affter Bad Peeopul to “Punnish” themb foar pising Off “the” Greeek gods like Zoose and Niptoon!!!!

Well nhow thayr Back!!!!!!! Probbly thay “willl” Evenj awl the stuph Wite Peop’l thay has did to Oprest Mynorites!!!!! I heered thay burnted Down a Ho-tell oaned “by” Wite Supremes (i thawed the Supremes thay wher Black but i gess thare was somb Wite “ones” tooo!)!)

And yiu know waht “the” Besst thing abuot Furrys?? Thay “are” Non Bynairy!!!! thats rihght,, yiu “Cant” telll thay are Mail “or” Feemail becose thay are Boath “at The” saim Tyme!!!!!! A Furry ze can actully Maite whith x-selph!!!!!!!!! How grate is that?!?! and then thay can Has “a” hole liter of Furrys awl reddy to reek Venjints on The Opresters!!!!!!

I wood lyke “tobe” a Furry somb-day!!!

‘Furries’ Harass Normal Kids at Middle School

How the world of furries gives people the confidence to become their true  selves - ABC News

Libs say there’s no such thing as “furries,” conservatives just made them up to scare people.

Tell that to the folks at Eagle View Middle School in Mechanicsburg, central Pennsylvania. There, weird kids in animal costumes, or parts of animal costumes, harass normal kids in the halls (https://hbg100.com/2022/05/02/groups-of-furries-are-harassing-6th-grade-students-in-cumberland-valley-school-district/comment-page-1/). This involves students in the sixth and seventh grades.

One child complained about some furries following him down the hall and calling him “dumb straight white boy.” He didn’t get it: the furries were white kids, too. Maybe they objected to his not being visibly perverted. Or maybe there’s something wrong about being white.

Parents don’t like it, but so far “school officials” haven’t done anything to rein it in. Ya see, furries “identify as animals.” Therefore they have to be allowed to express their idiotic notion. Which is, of course, a notion easily demonstrated to be false.

If I had ever shown up to my sixth-grade classroom in a cat costume, Mr. Thomas would have send me home so fast, it would’ve stranded my shadow. But apparently at Eagle View every day is Halloween.

Hey! Wake up, everybody! This is what your school tax dollars are paying for. So if that’s what you want, brother, that’s what you’re getting.