We Oapin our Collidge ‘To’ Furrys!!!

National Police Association is warring with furries. Yes, really

Finelly! we has oapinned “our” campas to Furrys, lyke “in The” pixture!!!

Acturly, the Furrys thay stratted “out” as a Ainchint Greeek thing, thay Used “to” Fly aruound dooing Venjints!!! somb “of” themb thogh thay coodnt “Fly” like if thay was bare Furrys or buny Furrys, then thay wood “has to” Run affter Bad Peeopul to “Punnish” themb foar pising Off “the” Greeek gods like Zoose and Niptoon!!!!

Well nhow thayr Back!!!!!!! Probbly thay “willl” Evenj awl the stuph Wite Peop’l thay has did to Oprest Mynorites!!!!! I heered thay burnted Down a Ho-tell oaned “by” Wite Supremes (i thawed the Supremes thay wher Black but i gess thare was somb Wite “ones” tooo!)!)

And yiu know waht “the” Besst thing abuot Furrys?? Thay “are” Non Bynairy!!!! thats rihght,, yiu “Cant” telll thay are Mail “or” Feemail becose thay are Boath “at The” saim Tyme!!!!!! A Furry ze can actully Maite whith x-selph!!!!!!!!! How grate is that?!?! and then thay can Has “a” hole liter of Furrys awl reddy to reek Venjints on The Opresters!!!!!!

I wood lyke “tobe” a Furry somb-day!!!

A Bit of Mythological Silliness

Image result for images of jason and the clashing rocks

One way to get your ship through the Clashing Rocks…

You do wonder about some of the things that go on in Greek mythology.

Jason and the Argonauts have to get through the Clashing Rocks that guard the Bosporus, without the ship getting cracked like a nutshell. In the Ray Harryhausen movie, this giant merman-thing (pictured above) comes up and holds the rocks apart for them. In other versions of the story, this doesn’t happen. Instead, for instance, they send a dove through the rocks and, after they move apart again after squashing the poor bird, the Argonauts are able to row real fast and get through, with only the Argo’s stern ornament bitten off.

Uh, guys… why didn’t you beach the Argo and haul it overland on rollers, as ancient sailors often did with their ships, and put it back in the water when you’d passed by the Clashing Rocks? No one seems to have thought of that. One is reminded of Laurel and Hardy in The Music Box, lugging the piano up those horribly steep stairs when they could’ve just carted it around the block to the front door. Duh…

Oddly enough, in later centuries, Greek and Roman ships routinely passed through the strait without seeing hide nor hair of the Clashing Rocks. The myth says that after Jason got through, the rocks didn’t clash together anymore. Perhaps their failure to crush the Argo made them give it up. Who knew great big rocks can get down-hearted?

Ah, well, they don’t call it mythology for nothing.