Here’s Another Laugh

Someone cleverly adopted Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine, with President George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice trying to figure out who (Hu?) is the new president of China. I’m allowed to laugh at W. because I voted for him twice. Anyway, it’s a very funny video.

Even Republicans Can Do… Nothing!

I forbear to comment on libs ‘n’ progs turning cartwheels over the death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. They are their own best advertisement.

And of course, here’s their chance to stack the Supreme Court during the last year of President *Batteries Not Included’s second term, enabling him to keep his hand around America’s throat for the next 30 years or so, given the court’s virtually dictatorial powers. His only problem will be to choose precisely which Leftist nudnick he wants to appoint. Jane Fonda? Bill Ayers? Louis Farrakhan? It’s an embarrassment of poverty.

But there’s a Republican majority in the Senate, which means that no one can become a Supreme Court justice unless the Republicans vote to confirm him (or her). No one. All the Senate Republicans have to do is… nothing.

They don’t even have to reject the nominee. They don’t have to vote on the matter at all. If they’re afraid of being called racists, afraid of their own shadows–well, all they have to do is nothing!

Stall for time, if you’re such cowards and dastards that you’re afraid to say “No!” to this president who throws like a girl. Yeah, yeah, we’re workin’ on it, ain’t we goin’ as fast as we can? Oh, darn, I lost that paperwork… Guess we’ll have to start over.

How quickly we forget.

When George W. Bush was president, and Harry Reid the Senate Minority Leader–that’s right, the Democrats didn’t have a majority–he tried to appoint Miguel Estrada to the appeals court in Washington, D.C. For two whole years the Democrats had hissy fits, and filibustered ceaselessly until Mr. Estrada withdrew his name from consideration. Two years!

All the Senate Republicans have to do, for only one year, is Nothing.

Even Beltway Republicans ought to be able to figure out how to do Nothing.